Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

CS2Day Workshop in Second life

 This might be the 1st accredited workshop for doctors given through a 3D virtual presentation and workshop. So, how could I resist being anything but help the pioneers?
Plus, it is free. What's the catch? too good to be true? Ok, this might be an experiment or a research indeed. But I'd sure benefit from attending something like this.

yep...that me 3 from the bottom

 the docs were starting to arrive
and just when I thought I'd fall asleep (I've been in front of my computer since 5am for this)
They proved me wrong -it was even more interactive than most of  Real Life (RL) 's symposium I've been attending all this time..
The presentation was  by voice and a small amount of slides
While the slide showed upone by one, we -the participats at the audience bench - are interactively involved in texts, responding to the presenter's questions..

And these are some of the responses from the docs:
'"I usually ask them if they have thought about it and whats their motivation scale"

At work, mostly get these reasoning from their own patients about to or not to quit smoking:
- I know it's bad for me but this is not I am here for
- i'll quit after I graduate
- I enjoy smoking
- I will quit when I'm ready
- I'm healthy.
- I tried before
- it's too hard
- I'll gain weight if I quit
- it relaxes me
- It helps me manage stress

Case study 1: Asthma

Most of the participants agree, that this was a case of resistance
Where each one have had an experience at work and here how they respond to the situation:

- Is th3e asthma the only thing you are concerned about
- You must really care about your daughter if you go outside to smoke- Are you willing to have a conversation?
- That's great that you don't smoke in the house but....here's how you can make it even better. You have shown her the mirror

Then we were presented by a brieft role play (links coming up) which lead to some more discussion with the participants:

- obviously, she is unaware of that smoke sticks to her clothes
- asks for permission to discuss

- I feel like he is tip toeing around the real issue, I find we have to be blunt sometimes

- You cant wait for the patient to come to realization, you're putting patient at risk
- She is a concerned mother already, just acknowledge that
- The 5A's call for "Advise" cessation- how do we reconcile that with equipoise?
- I agree with this, but we have to set up a time specially for the mother..so to do further counselling
- develop rapport.....change doesn't happen overnight. her focus is "the docs aren't using the right meds". if she doesn't believe her daughter has appropriate medical treatment, she is going to be too stressed to even think about behavior change.

case2 (pics coming up)
- you're afraid you might feel left out if you quit
- So you are concerned that if you stop smoking, it will impact your friendships.
 - it's great that you know that it;s bad for you, what are some other things you can do with your friends


- So on one hand you see some value in quitting but it sounds like you have a lot of stress in your life right now
- sounds like you would like to quit smoking but you feel that there are benefits as well
- how important is it for you to try to quit right now?- beating themselves up because they've not been successful;
- maybe we can look at those failures and turn them into success by working together
- you seem stressed about quitting smoking yet feel that smoking helps relieve your stress
-  quitting smoking is important to you, but you are worried it might increase your stress levels
- so you have tried quitting. What are some things you've tried? Are there any other things to lower your stress?
- so on one hand, you feel smoking helps manage stress, but on the other, you see that quitting smoking is something you would like to do.

SUPPORT SELF-EFFICACY   (..to be continued..).

Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

Imperial College London's Med School in Second Life

My visit to the simulation of emergency cases presented by Dr. David Taylor lead me to this place:
The Post Graduate Med School of Imperial College London

Here I am examining a patient, or so it seem.
Since I came to the sim alone, I only have access to limited simulation
The BP monitor showed me that his Blood Pressure is 120/80 which is prime.
I can's see his blood sugar level though, shame
Neither can I read his chart...

This is the intermediate ward, the furthest bed from the camera was occupied by a patient
I had a fun chat... quite a witty persona ;P

Before entering the OR, I was told to wear a mask, so I did
And then I enter the scrubbing chamber, and of course scrubbed

By the OR's entry...I got this: 
NHS Tour Guide 1 Says: You signed in correctly.
You scrubbed in successfully.
You forgot to wear your mask.
Sorry, you failed to complete all the required steps for entry to theatre.
???? can't you see I'm masked? or did they think I'm wearing a niqab? well, though I do wear a hijab, I don;t wear a niqab..so what you see here is really a mask... so, please let me in (:P)
I know what I failed to do: wear the scrub /OR's robe ..which I can touch only

Anaesthetic Machine - Used for maintenance of general anaesthesia
 Inside the O.R, I was accompanied by a quite good looking anestesist (;P) 
who's checking the patients anestetic status during the time of operation - another key of a succesful surgery, often overlooked-  other than a good surgeon and staffs is a good anestesist. Without one.. even the greates surgeon can fail a simple operation.. (despite religious facts) 

p.s I'm not saying this just because he's kinda cute :P

Automatic infusion pump - for infusion of drugs or medication during the operation

Monitoring the NaCl infusion, how realistic it looked 

Senin, 16 Mei 2011

museums in 3D world:

emergency simulation in 3D

 Observing a patient to be treated in the simulation, prior to dr. Taylor arival

 the emergency room, where the avatar-like phantom lies to be treated for the simulation..
 the room was packed, it must've been a busy night for the 911 as well
 the protocols by the wall, not only to meet the ISO 2008 certification... I bet

warning: the next images could be disturbing for some people...

 trying out days after the simulation....

 applying the patients belt, and request for drugs

checking all the realistic equipments

 checking some minor details

some SOP are attached by the wall
finally... a quiet time in the ER

Jumat, 12 November 2010

SLED Indonesia's Event4FunD

the preparation
Event4FunD for Mt. Merapi& Mentawai Tsunami Victims

Less than a month ago,
I accidently discovered that there's a community of Indonesians people in Secondlife whose inworld's age are mostly less than 6 months old. But so eager to learn in that metaverse,  they already know a lot of things average SL residents find out in a year living inworld. And even more amazing is that, an idea that just came out a week ago is now expanding into a week event of various activities for a noble cause.
Last Friday, when the group are gathering for its weekly learning program in SL, a member  came out with an idea to raise some funds for the victims of an erupting volcano in our country, Mount Merapi.
And in just the count of days, an event had started by Nov 10th: An exhibition of Mt. Merapi and Mentawai, where besides the photos people visiting can also watch a youtube video of what's going on there (here), buy merchandise and give their donations.
On Nov 12th, there was a real Professor of Geology from the University of Illinois, Dr. Billy Shield (Zeppo Sinaro inworld) giving a lecture  "Mt.Merapi Volcano-A Look at Geologic Setting and Associated Hazzards." And as we predicted ebfore, the sim was all packed, that some of our own SLED's member could not make it to the LM
And tonight, we are going to have a 24h live music... all these are a chain of event4fund to help out victims, in the area of Central Java Indonesia and Tsunami in Mentawai island, West Sumatra! So, if twitter has its trending tweet 'Pray for Indonesia' ... we residents of SL too now can say that our metaverse are full of warm hearted people, who don't think twice for a noble cause, no matter how far they live from the disastrous area...
Thank you all

the photos exhibited of Mt Merapi and Tsunami  in Mentaw
friends help us rez the event poster, this one in Virtlantis

the merchandise corner in the opening day

me and Marcel Mosswood trying out the podium

the venue
the volcano-earth simulation by August Chrome
the photo exhibition opening day

the Lecture inworld

Dr. Bill Shields contribute a lecture about Volcano

Top: the poster exhibition
bottom: Sister Abiye giving presentation of "EO for non profit event in SL"
Everything ran down smoothly, but there's no challenge if all things run as they should right? today we learnt our first EO lesson... timezone problem.
We are supposed to have a charity concert at 12 PM Nov 13th, but it didn't go as we planned. My guess why this happen is the difference in understanding 12PM between SL(western) and people here... 12PM in SLT is refered to high noon there, while here mostly we assume it's midnite. Because we rarely use AM/PM we use 00.00(midnite) and 12.00 (high noon)
And as I re-write this down, we are still waiting for the concert...personally, I have been waiting for 13,5 hours :D

Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

play station for kids

When I first start this blog, this kind of console games is actually the one that I had in mind to talk about... But I never got around to it.

In contrary to popular opinion on the parent side, I decided to buy a PSX console for my 3 years old kid more than 5 years ago (why PSX? cos that was the 1 I could afford). And ever since then to the next 2-3 years later, I kept myself busy playing them firstly in order to provide suitable if not educational games for her age. And to my surprise (since I've found not many discussing this in any parent lounge), I found many interactive game to stimulate the brain.

rayman brain games

So here they are:
1. PSX (Play Station 1)

elmo's letter adventure
pooh preschool
storytelling with bears

winnie the pooh preschool
elmos number journey

play with teletubbies
tigger's hney hunt

pooh's party games

bear's big blue house
rayman junior

dora barnyard buddies

And no, I am not affiliated with any of this - although I wish I knew how to - So, if you think console games aren't nothing but poison to the brain, you might be right... since you don't look around enough to find your lil ones what they might enjoy while learning! 
I didn't review the game one by one, but smart parents who still keep on reading this can tell of what they are about just by recognising the popular iconic cartoon character in it, right? Basically, they have coloring, math, and reading for different age group, I'm afraid I haven;t played them for quite long now.. I forgot which are which but those who said which one they are in... got it? good mom/dad.. :D 
(I should've had warned you, I'm a lazy reviewer and sometimes don;t write in enough detail, so if you have something to ask, write a comment  and I'll be answering them later)

2. PS2                                                                                                                                                      
frogger hop

shape and color
alphabet circus
dora jouney